No limit to how long people can live: study


Just how long can humans live? Biologists at Montreal’s McGill University having been studying the question and say if there’s a limit, they haven’t found it.


Salmonella outbreak linked to breaded chicken products

chicken nuggets

The Public Health Agency of Canada is investigating after seven confirmed cases of salmonella infections linked to breaded chicken products. No one has died but two were hospitalized. Most of the cases are in Alberta.


Don’t eat raw cookie dough, Health Canada warns


Amidst a massive recall of flour due to possible E. coli contamination, Health Canada is reminding Canadians that it’s not safe to eat raw dough, batter or any other product containing uncooked flour.


‘World’s largest sleep study’ seeks online volunteers


Brain scientists at a Canadian university are aiming to get a better handle on how sleep affects memory, problem solving and other cognitive functions in what they are billing as the largest such study ever to be done.


California to list glyphosate as cancer-causing


The controversial weed killer ingredient glyphosate will be added to California’s list of potentially cancerous chemicals effective July 7, state officials announced Monday. Glyphosate is the most widely sold herbicide ingredient in Canada.